Warning! Watching this 30 minute video can serious damage your mental health. Especially in full length using earphones. Inspired by the rainy summer weather and the Steve Reich track It's Gonna Rain (video see below), which consists of repeating short audio patterns, here is a special "it´s gonna retarded" short cut loop version of my track Synapsenkitzler - Frazy (Original). The loop at the left has 150 bpm, at the right 150.945 bpm.

Photo still of the retarded frazy video
(click for large image)

Balotelli Song by Synapsenkitzler Video Photo
Large photo still of the retarded frazy video


Steve Reich - It's Gonna Rain Part 1

Steve Reich talks about the idea & processing of "it´s gonna rain"
(go to 02:18 in the video for this scene)

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