At 23th May 2012, 78th birthday of Robert Bob Moog, Google made a Doodle, where you can play a Moog Synthesizer live in your browser. Check out my tutorial video How to play Frazy on Google Doodle Moog Synthesizer:

What i did in the video:

glide (portamento) time to 0,0
decay+sustain to 1,4 = short "popcorn" sound
range to 4' = high melody tone
range to 16` = bass tone

Google Doodle ? :

A Doodle is f.e. a Google Logo modification and/or humorous feature, such as cartoon modification for use on holidays, birthdays of famous people, and major events.

Play the Google Doodle Moog Synthesizer live ...

... and the Frazy doodle from the video in your Browser at the official Google Doodle Moog website. Record, play and share your own music link. :-). Google Moog Synthesizer recording time is limited to 20 seconds. So i played just the first notes of the song Frazy. Listen to the Frazy original in full length.


Robert Moog´s synthesizer is one of the first and oldest analog synthesizers in the world. It has strong influence to the music since the first demonstation in 1967. For more info check Moog Wikipedia

Video Screenshot

Video screenshot How to play Frazy on Google Doodle Moog Synthesizer

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