I mixed 28 Synapsenkitzler tracks (see tracklist below) together to one track by layering them in an audio-editor.

How to do layered tracks:

  • Layer 28 tracks * in an audio editor. (It should be less than 30 tracks, otherwise you will get only a big bad mud wall of sound).
  • Reduce the main volume so the loudest peak fits to -6db
  • Delete/shorten/fade too short/long tracks, so at least there are 5 tracks playing same time to have the layered effect
  • Arrange the tracks as a pyramid /the shortest in the middle), so you have increasing/deacresing dramatic acoustic effect.

Why I did the layered tracks:

  • I like it, and it sounds amazing to me.
  • Imagine you are in a radio station transmitter, listening to 28 stations at the same time.
  • its a kind of a cross-way in a big sound-noise city

* Tracklist:

Synapsenkitzler - Frazy (edit) Cute baby monkeys sing Frazy (Äffchen singen Frazy)
Synapsenkitzler - jingle belch
Synapsenkitzler - Nacktmull knabbert an einer Wurstpelle
Synapsenkitzler - frazy funny laughs
Synapsenkitzler - Frazy (edit) Dog sings Frazy xmas song (Flashmops bellt Frazy Weihnachtslied)
Synapsenkitzler - Serious Place
Synapsenkitzler - Kai Görgen (persönliches Dankeschön-Lied in dem dein Name genannt wird)
Synapsenkitzler - Fussball Liebes-Lied
Synapsenkitzler - mein 777er Facebookfreund
Synapsenkitzler - Atomstrom vs. regenerative Energie
Synapsenkitzler - wünscht fröhlichen Geburtstag
Synapsenkitzler - Alien Horst-Kevin says Synapsenkitzler
Synapsenkitzler - Frazy edit schlafen gehen
Synapsenkitzler - Frazy edit aufwachen
Synapsenkitzler - Frazy (edit) Oktoberfest Wiesn version
Synapsenkitzler - Frazy (edit) How to play Frazy on Stylophone
Synapsenkitzler - Idylle im Schafspelz
Synapsenkitzler - Lustig Wandern (Retarded Alien Horse sings la la laaaaaa)
Synapsenkitzler - Frazy (Original)
Synapsenkitzler - Occupy Blockupy Song
Synapsenkitzler - Cat Helicopter Song (Orvillecopter)
Synapsenkitzler - BILD Zeitung, Nein Danke
Synapsenkitzler - Balotelli-Song + best of fun photos
Synapsenkitzler - Frazy (edit) Happy Metal Version in honor of Wacken 2012
Synapsenkitzler - Sonne Gute Laune (Wiesen Piano Version)

Photo (Screenshot) of the layered tracks

click for large photo (Screenshot) of the layered tracks by Synapsenkitzler
layered tracks Photo (high quality download)

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