Artist Bart Jansen pays tribute to dead pet cat by turning him into flying machine. Synapsenkitzler pays tribute to artist by tu(r)ning his idea into a song.


Verse intro:
Hello humans! I am cat Orville. My dead body was used to create a cat helicopter. Now i can fly.
I´m a cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat helicopter. (2x)
Verse 1:
What are the boundaries, between art and morality? What is the difference, between shoes made of cows, and helicopters made of cats?
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Verse 2:
Humans eat meat. Animals eat meat. Animals are meat. But i´m a vegan cat! I like birds. cause i like to fly.
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They call me Orvillecopter. Meoowww! I ´m a half cat, and a half helicopter Meoowww! But all i want, is to fly.
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Cat Helicopter Song Photo by Synapsenkitzler

Cat Helicopter Song Photo by Synapsenkitzler
download the cat helicopter Song photo by synapsenkitzler

Artist Pays Tribute to Dead Pet Cat by Turning Him Into Flying Machine

Dutch artist Bart Jansen has used the body of a dead cat as part of a helicopter. The Orvillecopter is a tribute to his cat Orville, and was named after the famous aviator Orville Wright. The cat was killed by a car and loved birds. Now it is finally flying with the birds. The passed away pet now is a hybrid helicopter cyborg, and will be on display at the Kunstrai Art Festival in Amsterdam. Bart Jansen: "He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday. So this hopping will soon change into steady flight."
Bart jansen website

Bart Jansen about the orvillecopter Song:

"Bart Jansen also spoke very highly of The Cat Helicopter Song. Once that chorus gets locked in your brain, there's no unlocking it, that's for sure. The CGI adds a great deal of fun to the video, by the way." Thanks for this kind words to Ralph Squillace, writer of the Orvillecopter article in the electric powered model aircraft wiki, which references to the Synapsenkitzler Orvillecopter Song.

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