While I watched Red Hot Chili Peppers live at Rock am Ring on ARTE TV live stream, I had the idea, to read Hot Chili Peppers live. So I recorded this video (without the music cause of law).

VIDEO Read Hot Chili Peppers live (Rock am Ring 2016)

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Photo download Read Hot Chili Peppers live (Rock am Ring)

Read Hot Chili Peppers live (Rock am Ring 2016) Photo download


Video, reading & graphic edits by SYNAPSENKITZLER / Frazy.Tv
Read Hot Chili Peppers Logo by Frazy.tv is a derivate of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Logo, public domain
photo-chili: Red Chili-Pfeffer, public domain
Rock am Ring Font: Fortune-Cookie-NF, (free download)

Before I did this video, I did this german song against rain, for sun: 'Sonne komm, Regen geh.', which means 'Sun come, Rain go.' cause of the big storm which also causes several breaks of the Rock am Ring Festival 2016.

watch the 'Sonne komm, Regen geh.' video on frazy.tv

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